I know that before I became a gym rat, exercise was very intimidating. Medical Information UK There was always the sense that people were judging you; it makes you want to be in shape BEFORE you even go to the gym. A catch-22 situation for sure. No one ever gave me any exercising tips, but I wish someone had. Eventually, I did find some exercise tips that did work for me. So here are four exercising tips I’ve found the most beneficial.

1. Make sure that you make it a commitment. If you’re like me, you make bigger commitments to television shows (or if you’re a sports fan watching football or basketball); really, no show or football game is worth taking you away from the life you want to live. What if you took one hour away three nights a week to make yourself feel better, look better and to be more healthy? By the way, this is making a commitment to exercise, NOT necessarily a commitment to a spending a lot of money on membership dues at a fancy gym. In fact…
2. You don’t need a gym. Of all my healthy exercise tips, this is the hardest to wrap your head around. But where exactly will I exercise? Anywhere! You can jog down the street. You can do push-ups and sit-ups in your bedroom. You can bike, swim or rollerblade in any number of public places. Now, I’m not saying don’t go to a gym. I feel like some people get stuck in expensive and long-term contracts to a gym. And then all of a sudden, gyms become an obligation – whereas exercise, believe it or not, can actually become fun. If you have the mind-set that you HAVE to go, because you’re paying for it, you’re attaching negative energy and thoughts to every work-out.
3. Find a way to make exercise fun thing to do. I think this is the most important of all our exercise tips. There’s all sorts of activities that can help promote physical fitness, help you lose weight and get in bathing suit shape. Do you remember how much you liked riding a bike when you were a kid? Who says you have to stop liking it now? Get on it and go pedal! Did you play a sport in school? Soccer, basketball, softball? You can certainly find adult leagues to join. Not only are you getting a good workout, you’re also meeting people and having fun at the same time! Like anything else, enjoyment in the process is a key factor in achieving high results; the more you enjoy your workout, the better you’ll like the results.
4. Mix up your workout. The worst thing that can happen with your exercise routine is that you can get really bored. As I’ve mentioned above in the other exercise tips, if you enjoy the workout, you’ll enjoy the results. So try new things – yoga, pilates, rock-climbing, kick boxing. There’s no end to the number of different physical activities you can partake in to help you get the body you want.

You can follow these exercise tips – or you can make your own! The most important thing to remember is that you can control the workout – there’s no “right” workout plan. The only right workout plan is the one that works right for you!