laser removal of stretch marks

Stretch marks, or striae, are a type of skin scarring related to pregnancy, weight problems, adolescence, and short-term weight gain from bodybuilding and other exercises. They form when the dermis– the middle layer of the skin that preserves shape and flexibility– is extended more than it can endure. Connective fibers in the skin ultimately break, interrupting collagen production and triggering scarring. This scarring might be treatable just through stretch mark elimination.


The essential advantage of laser stretch mark elimination is its efficiency. The treatment has a really high rate of client complete satisfaction. It is likewise incredibly safe; the excimer laser is exactly managed, with little perspective to trigger injury. Eventually, it is less intrusive than surgical body shaping treatments such as abdominoplasty, with less healing time, lower expense, and less prospective problems.


Instantly following laser stretch mark elimination, the afflicted location will be red and tender. This is since layers of scarred skin have actually been gotten rid of and brand-new skin is being grown. Periodically blistering and other signs common to a burn injury might exist, however, these are short-lived. A lot of clients recover from a treatment within a couple of days, however, recovery has actually been understood to take as long as a couple of weeks in particular cases, especially those needing more comprehensive treatment.


Just like any medical treatment, laser stretch mark elimination is not totally without danger. Since the laser has the capability to ablate the skin, it is possible that a mishandled laser might trigger some shallow tissue damage. For this reason, you must pick your cosmetic skin specialist thoroughly. There is constantly a danger that significantly established stretch marks might not be totally detachable with laser treatment. There is likewise the threat of blistering and other unfavorable responses to the treatment, however, these problems are short-lived and not harmful.

Laser Stretch Mark Elimination

Throughout a laser stretch mark elimination treatment, a beam gets rid of thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. The excimer laser is distinctively reliable for this treatment. Instead of burning or cutting the impacted skin locations like other lasers, it utilizes high-energy ultraviolet laser light to interfere with the molecular bonds in the skin tissue, which triggers the tissue to break down in a procedure called ablation. As soon as laser stretch mark elimination is total, the cured location will recover rapidly, and brand-new layers of healthy skin will form. Stretch marks will have vanished, and a restored, healthy look will result.


Laser stretch mark elimination is extremely reliable most of the times. Just like other strategies, success depends on the occurrence and age of the stretch marks in question – older and more severe stretch marks are harder to deal with. Clients typically need as lots of as 10 treatments to totally get rid of stretch marks. In the most severe cases, even a series of laser treatments might just decrease the presence of stretch marks instead of eliminating them entirely. Each case is special.

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