While some homeowners may feel like they want to get rid of pests in their home at all costs when they are experiencing an infestation, they may not be too happy dealing with the aftermath if their pest control service uses toxic chemicals. Of course, deadly force has to be used to get rid of many pests. There aren’t many other ways to deal with roaches, termites, bed bugs and other insects, but pigeons, cats, bats and other larger animals may be able to be dissuaded from the premises by more humane means.

The use of deadly chemicals has gone way down over the past decade or so in the pest control industry. Pest control in Greenville, SC relies heavily on dissuasive methods over harmful chemicals, such as removing what makes the pests attracted to the home in the first place. Chemical sprays are used when necessary, but these are often much milder and safer chemicals than what has been used in the past. There are a few concerns that modern pest control has to deal with that has caused the chemicals in their arsenal to change to something safer and more humane.

First of all, they have to deal with lingering chemicals and the effects those can have on the homeowners, their pest and their children. They try to use chemicals that are either not harmful or humans and their pets or that don’t linger and create health issues later.

They also need to be concerned about the environmental impact of the chemicals they use, and that’s something that the experts at Pest Control Services in Greenville SC by Commander Pest Solutions have made very important to the way they operate. Most pest control services are concerned about their environmental impact, and they do what they can to make sure that the chemicals they use don’t contribute to environmental decay.

It is important for consumers to get involved in making sure that the pest control service they use adheres to all safety and environmental protection standards. They can ask about the standards used by the pest control services they are considering using. That way, they can make their decision based on facts that are relevant to them and their beliefs, and they can get the kind of service they need from a responsible company.