Revolutionizing Dental Care with Innovative Treatments

Innovative Dental Care

New, Innovative Treatments are Revolutionizing Dental Care

Technologically innovative treatments have proven capable of repairing cavities and even regrowing teeth!

Even with all the tools we have today, fluoride toothpaste and dental sealants for instance, the majority of Americans suffer the pain of dental cavities.

New research has revealed multiple exciting possibilities through cell-stimulating treatment medications; small molecule drugs which appear to allow teeth to grow their own dental tissue and even teeth! Innovative treatments are making the difference.

Stem cells to the rescue

Currently the treatment programs for cavities have remained static: to drill out the decay and replace it with amalgam, a cement-like material. The process isn’t perfect however. Amalgam can fall out and potentially bring more pain later on.

All this can be transformed by the newest developments in therapy drugs that have been demonstrated to coax stem cells within the dental pulp into growing new dentin to repair cavities.

A brand-new discovery regarding a treatment medication created for Alzheimer’s treatment may take the place of dental fillings for repairing cavities. Tideglusib boosts stem cells in the pulp of teeth, encouraging the production of new dentine and natural tooth repair.

Fillings as a dental therapy for cavities may soon be filed in the annals of history thanks to recent discoveries regarding a new drug therapy with Tideglusib. Originally developed and trialed for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, it was found to allow teeth to repair cavities by affecting the natural tooth regrowth mechanism.

Tideglusib is of particular interest as it’s low cost and has a safety record established through testing for Alzheimer’s disease. The belief is that it could fast-track the clinical trials for tooth decay applications.

Tideglusib functions through the stimulation of stem cells in the pulp of teeth, where new dentine comes from. Dentine is the mineralized material underneath tooth enamel that is affected by tooth decay.

By boosting stem cells with Tideglusib, the dentin produced incorporates itself totally within the tooth so there’s no danger of the filling falling out, a pretty common occurrence with current techniques. Not much has changed in the last 100 years.

Under particular circumstances, teeth can regenerate dentine naturally, without assistance, however the pulp must be exposed (through infection or trauma). A very thin layer can be restored naturally, but not a sufficient amount to repair damage resulting from decay. Tideglusib treatment shuts off the GSK-3 enzyme, modifying the result and stopping dentine from developing.

In the study, tiny, biodegradable sponges constructed from collagen, drenched in Tideglusib were inserted right into tooth cavities. The sponges activated dentine development, fixing the damage within six weeks. The collagen framework of the sponges disappeared, leaving just the undamaged tooth.

Tideglusib has only been trialed in rats up to this point, but human trials are expected to begin within the year. The hope is to replace amalgam, which actually contains mercury, a harmful metal and best to be avoided…especially in ones mouth.

Since the drug was already in trials for Alzheimer’s it will allow quicker provision for clinical use. Because the approach is so simple, it makes it ideal for the natural treatment of large cavities, providing pulp protection while restoring dentine.

Take heart, there may soon be alternatives to sitting in the dentist’s chair and suffering the drill. New treatment discoveries are made all the time, even when we’re looking elsewhere!

Laser Teeth Whitening

Lasers can Regrow Teeth

Another approach, low-power laser light, is being experimented with to stimulate regeneration of teeth.

Typically, to treat tooth decay, a dentist will perform a root canal, removing most of the tooth and filling the hole with amalgam, capping it with an artificial tooth. These may fail eventually as a result of chewing and cause more pain.

Alternatively, by shining a laser light directly on the exposed pulp it will stimulate dentin production and provide a more stable and resilient cap. Our bodies can potentially heal itself through the use of their own stem cells. Finding the means to jump start that process means a dramatic change to the future of dental treatments.

Innovative Treatments for Growing Whole Teeth

The ultimate goal would be able to facilitate the growth of an entire tooth. It’s been done in mice, however doing so brings some legal and ethical concerns to light. Regrowing whole teeth entails creation of a tooth primordium, or a tooth in its earliest stage, and implanting it where a missing tooth had been. The problem is with the creation of the primordium, which requires the use of stem cells harvested from human embryos, is against US law.

Unfortunately the cells to make teeth are no longer present in adult mouths. Embryos have the only cells we understand that can create an entire tooth.

Revolutionizing Dental Care has Challenges

Even though regrowing teeth isn’t practical now, it’s believed that one day it may offer possible solutions. Other therapies, not using cells from embryos, must be found, which will take a lot of research. Nevertheless, scientists are optimistic it will happen in time.

laser removal of stretch marks

Stretch Marks Removal: Laser

Stretch marks, or striae, are a type of skin scarring related to pregnancy, weight problems, adolescence, and short-term weight gain from bodybuilding and other exercises. They form when the dermis– the middle layer of the skin that preserves shape and flexibility– is extended more than it can endure. Connective fibers in the skin ultimately break, interrupting collagen production and triggering scarring. This scarring might be treatable just through stretch mark elimination.


The essential advantage of laser stretch mark elimination is its efficiency. The treatment has a really high rate of client complete satisfaction. It is likewise incredibly safe; the excimer laser is exactly managed, with little perspective to trigger injury. Eventually, it is less intrusive than surgical body shaping treatments such as abdominoplasty, with less healing time, lower expense, and less prospective problems.


Instantly following laser stretch mark elimination, the afflicted location will be red and tender. This is since layers of scarred skin have actually been gotten rid of and brand-new skin is being grown. Periodically blistering and other signs common to a burn injury might exist, however, these are short-lived. A lot of clients recover from a treatment within a couple of days, however, recovery has actually been understood to take as long as a couple of weeks in particular cases, especially those needing more comprehensive treatment.


Just like any medical treatment, laser stretch mark elimination is not totally without danger. Since the laser has the capability to ablate the skin, it is possible that a mishandled laser might trigger some shallow tissue damage. For this reason, you must pick your cosmetic skin specialist thoroughly. There is constantly a danger that significantly established stretch marks might not be totally detachable with laser treatment. There is likewise the threat of blistering and other unfavorable responses to the treatment, however, these problems are short-lived and not harmful.

Laser Stretch Mark Elimination

Throughout a laser stretch mark elimination treatment, a beam gets rid of thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. The excimer laser is distinctively reliable for this treatment. Instead of burning or cutting the impacted skin locations like other lasers, it utilizes high-energy ultraviolet laser light to interfere with the molecular bonds in the skin tissue, which triggers the tissue to break down in a procedure called ablation. As soon as laser stretch mark elimination is total, the cured location will recover rapidly, and brand-new layers of healthy skin will form. Stretch marks will have vanished, and a restored, healthy look will result.


Laser stretch mark elimination is extremely reliable most of the times. Just like other strategies, success depends on the occurrence and age of the stretch marks in question – older and more severe stretch marks are harder to deal with. Clients typically need as lots of as 10 treatments to totally get rid of stretch marks. In the most severe cases, even a series of laser treatments might just decrease the presence of stretch marks instead of eliminating them entirely. Each case is special.

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Pest Control Using Safer Methods to Do Their Job

While some homeowners may feel like they want to get rid of pests in their home at all costs when they are experiencing an infestation, they may not be too happy dealing with the aftermath if their pest control service uses toxic chemicals. Of course, deadly force has to be used to get rid of many pests. There aren’t many other ways to deal with roaches, termites, bed bugs and other insects, but pigeons, cats, bats and other larger animals may be able to be dissuaded from the premises by more humane means.

The use of deadly chemicals has gone way down over the past decade or so in the pest control industry. Pest control in Greenville, SC relies heavily on dissuasive methods over harmful chemicals, such as removing what makes the pests attracted to the home in the first place. Chemical sprays are used when necessary, but these are often much milder and safer chemicals than what has been used in the past. There are a few concerns that modern pest control has to deal with that has caused the chemicals in their arsenal to change to something safer and more humane.

First of all, they have to deal with lingering chemicals and the effects those can have on the homeowners, their pest and their children. They try to use chemicals that are either not harmful or humans and their pets or that don’t linger and create health issues later.

They also need to be concerned about the environmental impact of the chemicals they use, and that’s something that the experts at Pest Control Services in Greenville SC by Commander Pest Solutions have made very important to the way they operate. Most pest control services are concerned about their environmental impact, and they do what they can to make sure that the chemicals they use don’t contribute to environmental decay.

It is important for consumers to get involved in making sure that the pest control service they use adheres to all safety and environmental protection standards. They can ask about the standards used by the pest control services they are considering using. That way, they can make their decision based on facts that are relevant to them and their beliefs, and they can get the kind of service they need from a responsible company.